Thursday, October 15, 2015

Earthquake Judgment/Church Money Laundering

Bill Weather
On 10-15-15 around 7am, I was laying in my bed partially asleep with scattered thoughts. Then this vivid dream began and I was inside a building of a major Christian ministry located in Southern California. People were moving about, some working, some dancing, then the earthquake hit. 

Everything inside this ministry building began to be torn apart by this earthquake. The shaking was severe. The people I saw began to fall and scatter and run around in panic due to the earthquake. Then a deep voice of an angel spoke and he cornered the head minister of that ministry in the big room I was seeing the earthquake destroy. It was fearful and dreadful. I did not see the angel, but only heard his voice that was cornering this head minister. The angel began to speak to this head minister."You are to go back east and turn yourself in to the district attorney for your seductions..." Then I was listening to a long list of fierce instructions the angel was giving this minister. I also heard him say that as he would do what was commanded of him, he would be received into the kingdom. In other words he would be forgiven. Then the angel spoke for several minutes to the minister in a fierce voice of judgment. I was listening intently, but could not make out anything more the angel was saying. I then awoke out of this dream and strong thoughts came to my mind "laundering money." Apparently, this was a major sin of the minister running that huge ministry out of So Cal.

I don't think this needs an interpretation. Its pretty apparent that God is soon going to judge his house. "Judgment begins in the house of God" I Peter 4:17

The sin of money laundering in the church is apparent in some ways. With ministers who've given themselves such huge pay checks and luxurious living, they are guilty of a form of money laundering, of fleecing the sheep and not living modest life of serving in humility, love and self sacrifice. There is little self sacrifice with these ministers and it shows in the life style they live. While some of their sheep struggle to give because money is so tight, they are up in their 4 million dollar mansions living in luxury. The Lord left us an example in Acts 2, that we would have all things in common and that is hard to get back to, I know, but this present day church and their leaders have taken things too far and the Lord is angry with this part of the church in America and he's soon going to judge it, but in this judgment dream, he had mercy on the minister, if he would obey and come clean.

It took such a radical event to straiten up that minister. Would it take that much for you to carefully examine your life and heart, to know you are fully right on with the Father? We all need to daily take spiritual inventory to make sure our life, thoughts and inner being lines up with his holy word and with the measure of his, not our definition of love. Let us not be seduced by Christian ministers who come in his name, but are not living a life of sacrifice and selflessness and who show it by their life style.

The Father is about to judge his church. Pillars are going to crumble. Be not easily moved when the shaking begins.

In Christ, Weather